Men's Movie Night

Saturday 15th November 7.30pm @ The Pavilion. FREE ADMISSION* >>>

7th Nov 2014



Everywoman Conference

Saturday 22nd November 9.30am- 4.30pm Guest Speakers: Jo Naughton, from Harvest... >>>

22nd Aug 2014



CAP Debt Centre

There is now a Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre operating in Cheltenh... >>>

17th Mar 2014



Chatterbox Cafe

Every Wednesday afternoon our cafe is open from 2-4pm for senior residents in... >>>

3rd Jun 2013



Football at c3

The Cotswold Churches Football League >>>

1st Jan 2012


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God is a mystery I don't understand.
There's a part of God being a mystery that I like, I like the fact that he is so great that I cannot really truly know him or understand him, because if I could then he would be just like me. But there is a part of God being a mystery that I don't like. It means that he is wholly other than I am, he is out of reach to me. It means that I cannot control him, or tell him what he should do, but that he is someone who has the upper hand because he is a mystery.

There are stories about God in the Old Testament that I find troubling, perplexing, disturbing, they may even make me angry when I read them. Maybe because in my humanity I want to shout that ‘It isn't fair’, maybe again because God is just a mystery and I don't understand. There are things about God in the Bible that I don't understand like his mercy, forgiveness, love, and the cross which, although I don't understand them, I am grateful for them. They give me hope, a reason to believe and to press on. The tension between God’s holiness, which required rules to protect me for my own sake from his righteous judgment, and his constant refusal to give up on us because he loves us makes my brain ache. However much we may dislike them the OT rules were there for our wellbeing ( like seat belt rules), to protect an unholy people from a  very holy God, and yet still enable them to be ‘his people’. .... read more >>