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  • RT @finkelde: Jesus didn't suffer on the cross so that you would not suffer. He suffered so that when you suffer, you become more like Jesu...
    - 10:45 AM Sep 29th
    @ Ali Bates
  • 'What's in the well comes up in the bucket!' Good reminder this morning to keep your heart right @c3churcheurope @c3chelt #challenged
    - 4:38 PM Sep 27th
    @ Ali Bates
  • Loved worshiping this morning with home grown worship songs - awesome band - well done guys @c3churcheurope
    - 4:37 PM Sep 27th
    @ Ali Bates

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History Shapers

When God called Abraham to go to a new country His purpose was to create an alternate community that would be the beginning of ‘the people of God’.