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  • RT @lensweet: My heart breaks for my Korean friends & whole Korean community. What horror. You do not suffer solitary. We suffer in solidar...
    - 2:25 PM Apr 17th
    @ Ali Bates
  • Aaaargh email scheduling system just deleted account- no daily Lent readings. #notlovingtechnology
    - 8:32 AM Apr 16th
    @ Ali Bates
  • When the Roman officer who stood facing him saw how he had died, he exclaimed, "This man truly was the Son of God!"
    - 7:17 AM Apr 15th
    @ Ali Bates

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Following the Leader

John 10:1 – 10 I am the Gate (Door)

Jesus tells us in this parable of the sheep and the Shepherd that he is the door; he is the way into life. Those who come in through him will be saved, there are no other saviours. One of the complaints about religion that people often have is that it is intolerant of other people's views. Jesus is clear that he is the way into life. This is our leader who is making this claim. These days people see tolerance is the only virtue worth having, and those who hold this view are very intolerant of those who have another opinion! Tolerance is not a biblical virtue; love is. An all embracing tolerance is not workable in life to create good society. Respect is better. “Tolerance is a negative putting up with people. Love is a positive putting ourselves out for people." (Michael Green).